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Wedding Photography in Prescott AZ

White Flower BouquetWeddings are an amazing thing, as are the Brides and Grooms getting ready to walk down the isle. I am so blessed to be a photographer and be allowed to be part of such a special day. To be witness to such a great event is truly amazing. I can honestly say it is my favorite event to shoot.

I love to be behind my lens, like a fly on a wall, and snap every wonderful moment possible. I shoot so much at a wedding that when I am editing sometimes it seems like frames from a movie. It is amazing to see how things can change in a second.

Taking time out for the bridal portraits is the next best thing, aside from the wedding cake. It’s when I get to see the magic of the day shine all around a bride and groom! Sometimes they seem as if they are floating, I love this part of the day. If you are having a unique wedding day, I would love to hear about your plans.

I love to get to know my clients, that why I suggest having an engagement session. It lets us get to know each other before your big day. I feel like this can be a big help when I am the one with you from start to finish. I try to keep my prices affordable, but you can always talk to me about your needs and we can create something custom just for you. If you are getting married in Prescott, Arizona, or anywhere for that matter, please, look at the gallery and contact me when your thru. I would love to hear from you and discuss you event.

"I Do" Pumps